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My Securitron GNU/Linux blog has been updated once again. I have moved some of my Linux pages to the Wordpress database.

My Linux website. Linux tips and information for new and advanced users alike. I am posting news and opinion on Linux and UNIX operating systems as well as my thoughts on the state of the world. I am also posting and meta-moderating on Slashdot, trying to keep good karma and dealing with troll posts. Creating a positive presence on the Internet is better than some people who troll the Internet or the people that create those Doomsday 2012 websites and video clips that parrot on and about Nibiru and the end of the world.

My Linux blog has gone from strength to strength, I am quite knowledgeable about Linux and UNIX, and having a regularly updated blog is a good way to reach out to your potential audience and educate them about Linux. I have always wanted to educate the people about Linux and promote it, the Linux operating system is a worthwhile alternative to Windows and it works very well now with a good quality desktop experience and up to date software. Windows 8 has the Metro desktop interface, which is targeted towards the tablet market instead of the desktop market, this seems to be a war against general purpose computing, they want us to use a veritable appliance instead of a desktop machine. This is a very useful breakdown of the virtual file on a Linux system. And this website is named after it. Cool huh?